Independent freelance photographer operating from Amsterdam, The Netherlands with work appearing in newspapers, magazines and books throughout the world.

Please note: I dont give away my images for free. Any unlicenced usage will be pursued through the relevant authorities.

With regard prints... accreditation rules often prohibit the selling of prints by photographers, for example by the eredivisie in The Netherlands. However not all... as well as directly through this site I work with a couple of other organisations (eg Oypo (NL), Redbubble (US), Artflakes (Germany) who sell prints of my work. Contact me and I'll put you in the right direction.

Environmental policy. Richard Wareham Fotografie is powered by cheese and pickle sandwiches, vegetables from his local allotment and lots of other yummy veggy stuff. The main mode of transportation is a bike. Personal energy usage is compensated by planting of trees through http://www.nationaalbossenfonds.nl/home/